Outcomes for your creative practice from the residency?

  • Clarity of this particular project and steps to making the final product
  • Confidence in taking the project to its final outcome
  • Confidence in myself and my abilities as a multi-form artist
  • The ability to see and project the needs and requirements for the execution of this project
  • How and where it my fit into the arts scene in Melbourne and globally
  • An awareness of theoretical and critical investigations for future research and creation
  • A better understanding of my own patterns and style of learning and creating
  • A deeper connection to my current relationship to my dancing/moving body
  • The ability to see how the varied forms of art weave and feed into one another
  • Self-reliance
  • Greater time management skills
  • Self-respect and patience for the process of creation
  • Listening with flexibility, while practicing focus and dedication
  • Excitement for engaging in a wider community, being apart of a larger conversation of Arts at DAC

What could I improve upon?

  • Actually doing the homework
  • Accompanying a half day outside of the residency to read and research
  • More conversation with other people during this time

What next?

  • Find a studio to rehearse in once a week
  • Find a new residency to keep exploring the work
  • Devote a 6 hour chunk a week to the research, theory and writing
  • listen to the music and the song
  • Find an exhibiting space for 2019
  • Begin conversation with industry and Melbourne Arts


Beginnings of repeated application to dance and interior spaces.


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