27th June 2018, 9:30- 5pm

Last Day at the Darebin Arts Centre. Between two spaces.

Had the video with the song anew playing on loop through my laptop while I mimicked the shapes and general movements. Sculpting the container. Seeing how this big picture learning technique will assist. I have looped the video about 6 or 7 times, and each time I learn something new or caught something missing. Sometimes I lose the thing I caught in the previous loop. The Tat Thai Ta Ha hands are very confusing and hard to follow through this container learning for me. I see my attention go from blind copying – something I used to do in Dance class with the mirror all the time – to bringing my attention into my body and feeling an impression of the information into my memory through awareness.

“Oh, ok, that starts on this side of the body…it makes sense that I would be moving to this position next when I remember the forward movement.”

There is a lot of information being held in this practice. I thought to myself,  it looks like I am doing it, but if the video were to be gone I would have nothing inside me.

Mimicry with source present is easy, mimicry absent from the source is true embodiment.

There really is a feeling of writing code, imprinting information.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.38.31 am
The face of Mimicry

Done. 10 mins to evacuation. Wet face feelings of gratitude took hold. Its been a while since I have felt that deeply. I truly am so grateful to have the time, space and allowance to express my being and intellect – what an honour, what a time.

I made another Ushi video in the bog Jacaranda room, my hair is not very good. But it was good to endure it once again. I think it will be stronger on stage with lights, a main spot light.

I also played some music and danced to it – freeform. Where do I put all this? Do I need to put all this? Just dooooo it.


I ended the day with a few more container loops of the reverse Alarripu. It is one detailed piece of work I gotta get through.

Next Steps. Another residency . Another room hire. I need to rehearse once or twice a week for 2 hours a pop.


And a massive thank you the staff and architecture of the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre for encouraging artists to push the boundaries of their practice and ideas.



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