26th June 2018

10:30-5pm, 1 hour lunch visited Gertrude Contemporary

The aerodynamics of the day! A swift one, with a celebratory landing. I completed a recording of the full backward Sollukattu! Now I have to add it to the video to make a final audio visual piece of the dance anew to practice from.

Over and over and over again. I can now pick up the song if I am lost in the video. I know where to expect what beat, bol and kala. The daunting part is now to embody the movement and the song without moving my mouth. To internalise all of this. To mirror and mimic my body with the flow of the song.

I realised such creativity through the making of the song, along with anticipation and patience.

Tomorrow I will overlay the song to the visuals and begin to mimic loosely as I watch the video. I hope this loose mimicry will give my body some shapes and basic geometry to fall into, so I can build upon those physical lyricisms.

This conference space was calling me all day to play.

Quick, end of day, I did it! run around

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