20th June. 2018 10:30-5pm

No epiphanies.

Emotions enmeshed in my life.

Today the residues of Hannah Gadsby Nannet show from the night before – Best stand up comedic experience. Raw, truthful, heart clenching, teeth tightening, funny and painful. An undeniably intelligent, courageous, witty individual, saying it how it is fro herself and for “her people”, as she humours.

Today occurred twice. The second time with lunch from home and a coffee to commence at 1pm. Third day into a Keto diet, so my mind was wavering, as were my emotions.

I had found flow through repetition. The accumulation of previous repetitive work has seen to pay off. That’s that power of over and over and over again. again.

I managed to record the entire sollukattu, with mistakes. I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect, but I’m happy to see the progress and know the framework and where things fall in the dance. Initially, reciting was a hard transition from third speed to second then to first, as it would have usually been the opposite.

I have been alternating through mirrored and unmirrored orientations of the video. I started to us the mirrored version for the up and down thri-pataka sequence because the bends and the turn of the hands were very difficult to flip in my head. I stayed with the mirrored video from then on, however, when learning this final song today I used the unmirrored video, thinking that I wanted to learn unmirrored. Now I am regretting this decision, as it will take extra time to unlearn the orientation connected to the sound today.



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