15th June 2018, 10:30-5pm

Head cold-slow move.

Had a coffee and talked a bunch to the camera about the books and ideas I have caught.

Stretched and did Alarippu.

The day was spent watching the reverse clip and writing out the steps. Most of it was familiarising myself with the steps. The mirroring of the movements isn’t helping so much, I’m still flipping the image in my head. Very confusing.

I can’t believe I spent the entire day writing this out from the video, and I still haven’t finished it. But the end of the day, my brain was exhausted and couldn’t focus. Im happy I came in and worked despite my low energy.

Focused on the task today. I attempted a mediation, by mind traveling to various parts of my life that I obsess about. I would love some new pathways, I know that will take a lot of work. I do and should meditate everyday if i want to see this change.

Doing/keeping/finding time through utterance 



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