June 13th 2018, 12pm-5pm

A day of minus health and energy. But I showed, and the outcome was accumulative.

I began with stretches and Alarippu.

I watch the backward Alarippu several times to see what ideas and thoughts the repeated information would lead me to. My minds phased in and out of attention and idealisation. A few ideas came to mind – I could perform this live with a projector of the forward Alarippu maybe reflected in front of me on the floor like the reflection on a lake. Or using a mirror. It would be great to get some sort of interactivity with the viewers, i.e., they can use their phones to capture and alter the visual they see.

Darren Sylvester would be a great person to research. In his piece You should let go of a dying relationship 2006, he reenacts a David Bowie and Kate Bush video clip that play side by side. Further investigations have lead me to a book Called Video Void: Australian Video Art. The cover has a Daniel Crooks image on it, and has contribution by Prof Anne Marsh.

A video idea: I could overlay the forward dance with the reverse dance and have them play at the same time, this making a point in the middle of the dance where they meet at a point of the same gesture. I could screen grab this and have that as a title for an image that doesn’t seem any special except that it references this idea and image. This several reminds me of the waterfall video I have made with the two bodies – one forwards and the other backwards, and they become one in the middle point of the video.

Focused on writing the reverse sollu kattu. I realised that I have to freedom to create any combination of bols, as long as they fit the timing of the steps. This gave me a sense of ownership and creativity to the process. So, midway through the residency I have realised that making a new song entirely seems like the best place to start. It will allow me to create a flow of the steps and find continuity when performing.

The forever-moving-goal for this residency now seems to be to have completed the backwards song as audio and as an audio-visual piece ready for intense listening, reciting and eventually practice.

Terms – backward, reverse, mirrored, flipped – they need to be defined.

Extreme Focus – jaw trying to hold each unattainable reversed beat




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